Open the printer access door by lifting from the front center of the unit. Load Main Tray Align the edges of a stack of paper. The camera is turned OFF. Scanned Image Blank Your original is not placed correctly on the scanner glass. Install a new Kodak approved Ink Cartridge for best results. Transfer Pictures Failure Make sure your computer meets the minimum system requirements. Align the edges of a stack of paper.

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Ensure that none of the pages kodak 5100 printer sticking together. The ink tanks are located in the kodak 5100 printer head. Load Main Tray Align the edges of a stack of paper.

In countries other than the United States and Canada, the terms and conditions of this warranty may be different. If you are using a switched power outlet, make sure the switch is on. Press down firmly on the cartridge until you hear it snap into position.

The EasyShare AiO automatically detects the size and type of paper you load in the input tray, and then adjusts to generate the prihter quality output for that paper.

Press the Copy Color button to select between Kodak 5100 printer and Text copies. Glossary JPEG is a compressed image file format. Try re-taking the picture with the flash off. Insert the stack of paper into the input kodak 5100 printer with the short edge forward and the print side down.


Kodak 5100

Page 31 Print User Guide Check the ink level on the Status Monitor. Pull the extender tray out. Load Labels Slide the stack of envelopes forward until it stops. Page 63 The printer failed to finish printing a swath successfully. The Index Sheet layout shows thumbnail images, filenames, and sequence kodak 5100 printer of each photo on a memory kodak 5100 printer. Make sure the printer has proper ventilation.

Ensure that the color ink cartridge is kodak 5100 printer installed. Make sure your computer meets the minimum system requirements. Check the connection from kodao computer to your AiO printer. Keep paper away from direct sunlight, and out of high-temperature environments such as a vehicle parked in the sun.

These folders are kodak 5100 printer under the C: Slide the paper guides inward against the stack of envelopes until they stop. JPEG is a “lossy” format, which means some quality is lost when the image is compressed. Edit the picture using Kodak EasyShare software on your computer. Slide the paper-width and paper-length guides inward until they stop at the edges of the paper.

Last Drivers  MSI MS 7383 TREIBER WINDOWS 10

Page 70 Adjust the exposure compensation on your camera, prinetr try re-taking the picture. Page 10 If the flashing kodak 5100 printer persists, you may have an issue with kofak printer. Page of 86 Go.

Safety AiO and its associated AC adapter will be left unused for long periods of time, unplug the AC adapter from the power outlet and the phone line from the modem. Contact your local Kodak 5100 printer representative or refer to collection and recovery programs available for this product Notice to Users in the European Economic Area The Kodak EasyShare All-in-One is designed to function with kodak 5100 printer telephone networks in the following countries.

If the flashing green persists, you may have an issue with the printer. To avoid fingerprints, handle the paper by the edges or by the perforated tabs.

The camera is turned OFF.