I can honestly say that I am not all that disappointed either. Where it rotates easier, there is less wear on the three steel balls. My sister and I decided to use this tracball years ago and loved the feel of it — I use it from 3d to graphics to music and have not ever found anything comparable. I almost bought one of these MS Trackball Explorers when they first hit the market on a whim, but I never pulled the trigger. Also, I bidded on one too many in december and got stuck with 4 winning bids:

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Trackball Explorer 1.0

So, tonight I gave up. Also note the date of filing and compare this to discontinuance of TBE availability. Lets microsoft trackball explorer 1.0 more users promote this product so that its cost might come down.

I have bought 2 Trackball Explorers on Ebay and paid big bucks.

There are still viable alternatives out there. It looked like a relic, I thought it might be fun to play around with. The one thing I would change is the thumbwheel.

LOVE my trackball explorer. I have one at work and another at home. This leads me to speculate that the issue might not be so much manufacturers, microsoft trackball explorer 1.0 some sort of legal dispute with a patent-holder. My Explorer just died and I have been looking around for a replacement. Microsoft trackball explorer 1.0 also encountered on my xp machine that the xp driver was only in Japanese, but on vista the updated 7.


I was only able to get my hands on this second hand Microsoft Trackball Explorer, without the box, so unfortunately no image of the original Microsoft box.

Trackball Explorer | Device downloads | Microsoft Accessories

It took me 40 minutes to get used to it but then I knew Trackball Explorers microsoft trackball explorer 1.0 be on every working table and not the stupid mouse which brings dammage to your wrist easily in microsoft trackball explorer 1.0 long run. We opened it up and found that the thing is HUGE. Virgil May 2, at 7: Panzer July 15, at 8: And although it is a corded USB device, it is amazing to me how very few trackballs are wirelessly designed for tradkball Davis Created on August 19, We really could use a version 2 of this excellent device.

If I had known that the TBE was going to disappear 5 years ago, I would have purchased 10 of them so I could have a lifetime microsoft trackball explorer 1.0. The only markings are those visible on the bottom as noted above.

Microsoft Trackball Explorer – The World’s Most Comfortable Trackball

But seriously, how microsoft trackball explorer 1.0 you like the fact that Slimblade scrolling happens by twisting the ball? Im totally microsoft trackball explorer 1.0 you there my hubbys has finally stopped working now, mine im glad to say is still working hopefully for a while yet he is not a happy bunny, with the trackball he has just bought.


I may have to send it to the guy on eBay to repair it. I am on my second TBE, and I, like most everyone microosoft, cannot imagine anything miicrosoft. It was working fine, kept clean and showing no signs of her age.

Microsoft Trackball Explorer USB Ps2 Ergonomic Mouse X | eBay

Microsoft trackball explorer 1.0 laptop user wants to have a USB interface. Twisting the ball works surprisingly well. I had tried out 3 different trackball mouse devices before settling on this one. I am a first-person shooter gamer, and nothing else is faster. The gods must be tracknall me as I found one in my desk drawer, fully intact, looking near brand new, and working like I had just opened it.

Anyway, thought microsoft trackball explorer 1.0 might want to hear some feedback from a loyal group of trackball users who are totally unsatisfied with the current products on the market. I just purchased a wireless trackball for a new laptop, but I like using my fingers instead of my thumb.

If this can be tracked down, do they have any leftovers?